Contract Sales Service

Outsourcing is growing in the pharma industry which is increasingly reducing its footprint by cutting fixed costs. Codes on interaction between sales representatives and physicians are becoming more stringent which are placing extra restrictions on hospitality and promotional items. In pharma outsourcing is increasing in the context of rising industry pressures such as the drop in numbers of approvals and expirations of patents. SYNCOM is providing dedicated sales teams to leading healthcare companies in INDIA for ‘Contract Sales’. SYNCOM is known for excellence and has a unique ability to customize solutions to fit as per the clients need.

Dedicated Field Sales Team

SYNCOM's dedicated Field Sales Team provide a turnkey solution for companies that need additional sales representatives but are unable to increase their permanent headcount. Our dedicated Field Sales Teams work’s exclusively on the behalf of client. The entire team can be viewed as a flexible resource, dedicated to that company, that can be deployed whenever and wherever business opportunities are there.

SYNCOM's dedicated Field Sales Team can be customized as per the client's unique specifications for product i.e. training program and promotional plans.

Deployment Options

a) Full-Time Field Sales Force – Team Totally dedicated to clients business needs

b) Part Time Field Sales Force- Team works on clients products on an ‘as needed’ basis

Reporting :Syncom Field force is equipped with Online Field Force Reporting System (FFRS) on their mobile handsets. They can send the reports through web also. This streamlines critical business data from the back-office directly into the field – improving sales-force efficiency. Sales Representatives can also utilize this for advanced call planning, call reporting and customized data management.


1. Secondary Sales Module (SSM): Secondary mapping in all regional territories, down to individual doctor /customer/ retailer gives us the product movement in a particular market/territory.

2. Through Business Intelligence (BI) : This provides statistical data entries across a wide spectrum of therapeutic segments that gives an in depth picture of the products. Our BI solution allows us to query and analyze the information that is most relevant to your specific project objective.

We are committed to increase our client's market share and deliver outstanding return on investment for the services we provide. Together we will work with you in order to ensure that each sale and promotion activity is both viable and profitable.

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